The Production Source makes out of state purchasing for the Art Department simple and easy. By providing credit cards with plenty of buying power and creating detailed invoices to match company purchase orders, the service helps make for quick budget tracking and saves time for busy decorators and buyers. I enjoy working with the friendly staff and appreciate their attention to detail. Matt S.- Set Decorator


I have used the Production Source on every show that I have worked in N.C. with prompt and personal service. This is what I look for in all of my vendors and would be happy to use on all other Productions in the future. So Thank You for your service and look forward to the next Production. Tim W.- Transportation Coordinator


I love working with The Production Source. It’s a great locally-run company, someone is always there to answer any questions, and they know the ins and outs of the entertainment industry in North Carolina. Couldn’t recommend them enough! Tracy B. from Hart of Dixie


The Production Source is the most full service business of its kind in Wilmington.  Other companies require complicated machinations and additional paperwork in order to facilitate simple purchases, whereas with the production source it’s business as usual.  I love working with Carey Jones and company.  They really take care of your production needs. Robbie B.- Property Master


Thank you Production Source!  We could not have done our project without you.  Your knowledge and guidance helped us maximize our film incentive spend.  All of the departments were able to get what they needed fast and without any headaches.  Your billing was quick and well put together.  We look forward to the next time we work together. Pamela W.- Production Accountant of Writers the Movie, LLC


The Production Source has been the extra man on the props team.  TPS has made my buying our of state items easy for both my department and accounting.  Response to any order I have asked them to fill has been quick, efficient, and hassle-free.  Going the extra step, the customer service and helpful attitudes has made The Production Source an invaluable part of getting things done quickly and efficiently in ordering anything needed out of state, or our of country, for any film production need.  Thank you for your service and will am looking forward to more work and orders and in the future.  Cat C.- Property Master – Writers


I am thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by The Production Source in helping productions take advantage of the NC Film Incentive program.  Works well with vendors and is invaluable in untangling the incentive program into an easy, fluid process. Neil H. Transportation Coordinator




I love you guys! You are the best and most responsive production service company that I’ve worked with. It’s so easy to get purchases made through you- your policies are already in place and made clear to the crew from the beginning. They don’t change mid-way through a show. The staff is also available at all hours, not just 9-5 or earlier. I also appreciate your checking in with the crew face to face and building up a relationship with us. Communication is key and you all have that nailed down.  Lindsey S. Art Department Coordinator

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